Anathema is completely free. It’s something I write out of passion, the realization of a lifelong dream, and I don’t want to outline any donation goals before I even know how popular the story is going to be. If there is considerable interest in my work at some point, I’ll update this page.

Personally, I believe in donating for what I really enjoy. The cliché of the poor artist living in an one-room apartment isn’t entirely wrong – there are countless skilled artists out there who choose to pursue their passion rather than a different kind of career. Theatre actors, musicians, painters, dancers and writers generally can’t expect to be able to live off their craft, except for a lucky few. Big kudos to those who still buy theatre tickets despite the flood of free online entertainment!

I’m not going to have any illusions that I’ll ever be one of those lucky few. Especially not as someone who only just started publishing online. But if you believe that my writing is of a quality you really enjoy, I’d very much appreciate any kind of support. I have a bachelor degree in something I chose because it interested me rather than something that was guaranteed to make me money, and haven’t been able to get a job in that field since I graduated – there’s 3 different educations for librarians in my country, a very limited number of job openings, and my work experience as a librarian is limited. I’m one of those people with an one room apartment who live off odd jobs.

It’s not up to me to decide if my writing is enjoyable enough to deserve support, or if I can rightfully label myself an artist. That’s entirely your call.

However, I have some ideas in case it turns out Anathema is well received.

For one, I’d like to commission more story artwork from Railgunner in the future – she has done an absolutely wonderful job with the banner, and I’d hug her if I could! On that note, if you’d like to support my favourite digital artist, you can place an order with her on Artcorgi. I’ll place the link to it in my sidebar.

I’ve also been inspired by all kinds of music while planning this story and writing the first sample chapters. Music and lyrics play a bit of a role for the story, as well. There’s a few musicians and groups out there who really manage to capture and express the kind of atmosphere I’m going for, and if the option exists in the future, I’d like to collaborate with one of them (possibly Assemblage 23) for a story-inspired music track. Maybe even with character voice samples, if that’s possible. I could imagine Radiant initiating a music track with one of his speeches, Russian accent and all – kind of like the very beginning of “Genesis” by VNV Nation.

And if it ever turns out that the story is popular, I’d like to offer bonus chapters. If that becomes a reality, I’ll ask Wildbow for permission to ‘steal’ his Worm donation scheme with interludes dedicated to side characters. There will be a lot of those!

And if the support exceeds all expectations, I might even be able to dedicate an extra half day or day a week to writing instead of the current odd part time job.

Comments will also be welcome, I value moral support. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Donate

    • Not yet! I figured it was still too early, and not yet enough content released. But I’ll look into getting Paypal and Patreon buttons up over the coming few weeks. I hope I won’t have to register a business (for a Paypal business account), it’s kind of a pain to do where I live.

  1. I’m new to Anathema but even at a fairly early point of the book I can see you’re very talented at your craft. In terms of donations remember to get a paypal donation bar early on.
    Are you farmiliar with the donation interlude bar? You offer to sell chapters based on getting a donation goal. Start at 5 and go up after a few chapters. You let your buyers give suggestions towards what the chapter talks about and when it is set, but you ultimately have the choice as a writer to go with whatever you choose. It’s very efficient for the writer and provides a interesting change in setting for the readers. I’m currently reading the Brennus web serial by Tieshaunn, another Super Power Serial in league with Worm.
    (I reckoned both btw), they use the same system and both have become fairly popular (Worm, although complete, has a MASSIVE fan based and is much older. It’s a massive very very very well done web serial).

    • Hello Greenhelm

      Thanks for commenting and for the compliment! I know Worm, it’s what inspired me to write Anathema. I put a link to it in the sidebar. 🙂

      I considered offering bonus chapters for donations but I don’t have nearly enough readers that it would be feasible. And with all the editing I’m doing over the coming months, I’m at my limit in terms of weekly word output. I write or edit about 5 hours a day at present, weekends included. I’d prefer if anyone who would like to support me buys the ebooks once they’re out, I think they’ll turn out great.

      I hope you keep reading! Sorry about the quality of the second arc, I haven’t gotten around to editing it yet. I’m on it right now.

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