Gift of Light: a standalone Anathema spin-off

Dear readers

Late news is better than no news, they say! Things have been quiet, but I’ve been secretly chugging away at the new book ever since I wrapped up Anathema (give or take a few months of combined exhaustion and laziness.)

Now, though, Gift of Light is nearly complete and I’m excited to publish it on Amazon in mid July, and other stores 3 months afterward. I’ll also post a web serial version (weekly updates of around 4K words) some time after the Ebook release.

The new story fits seamlessly into the Anathema universe and its timeline of events, and characters such as Radiant or Gentleman make an appearance or are mentioned throughout the story. But the new main character is Wisp, a young Lightshaper struggling to keep her gang of survivors alive – against near impossible odds – in the toxic ruins of Southwest Berlin.

Once Gift of Light is complete and tbe ebook published, I’ll return to working on the next actual, revised and thoroughly edited Anathema ebook. Scout’s honor.

Check out the blurb:

Nicoletta AKA Wisp has a gift: she can shape sunlight into floating spheres that can alert her of impending danger – which is fortunate since her home, a city tainted by the aftermath of a supervillain’s death, bears a curse. Toxic vapors rise from the sewers on hot summer days, snuffing out anything that lives at ground level.

No one is supposed live in the Dead City, but Wisp and her gang of underage runaways refused the mass evacuations, learning to live alongside the local calamity. The uncertainty of the outside world scared them even more than the dangers of their home.

Now, though, their friend Hannah has gone missing under suspicious circumstances. The deadly Smog has become increasingly unpredictable, and the crime lord in charge of the rival gang to the north is gearing up for conflict. Wisp is prepared to defend the only home she has ever known, but she and her gang are outnumbered and underequipped and her powers are not exactly suitable for combat…

And while we’re at it, check out this beautiful new cover, too!

(perhaps I should mention that the ebook version of Anathema will be republished and renamed to ‘Powered Destinies’ for marketing purposes.)

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4 thoughts on “Gift of Light: a standalone Anathema spin-off

  1. I finally finished Anathema after starting it around a year ago, what a ride! I’m really looking forward to Gift of Light! Best of luck finishing the process! 🙂

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