Ebook release – I need your help!

Dear readers

This is it! I’m excited to announce that the first ebook is now live on Amazon and priced at 99 cents for the first few days (three days at least), and book 2 is on pre-order. You can find book 1 here:


Today and the following week or so are going to determine whether I can keep writing long term. I love to share my stories with the world – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done – but the writing takes 20 and more hours out of my week.

I told myself that if the books sell, I’ll keep writing, but if they don’t… then I probably can’t afford to. I’ll finish the web serial no matter what, but it would take me longer, and I wouldn’t be able to afford any editing.

I never asked for donations in the 2 years of writing this serial. I always counted on making money from the books. But the thing with Amazon is – books that don’t sell enough copies right after their first publication sink into oblivion, meaning that most potential readers never discover them. Visibility in Amazon’s catalog is all about sales.

I need your help to establish the first book rooted in Amazon’s catalog, and to make it visible for readers who don’t yet know about the story. If you’d like to support my writing career, please buy the first book at 99 cents, even if you don’t intend to read it again. It would help SO much! It’s not about those 99 cents, but each sale, no matter the price, helps improve visibility in Amazon’s catalog.

Just click the link above, or you can search Amazon with the keywords Transition and Rising (my pen name) to find it.

Thanks so much!


4 thoughts on “Ebook release – I need your help!

  1. I don’t particularly trust amazon (to do what’s best for the customer, that is – I DO trust them to do what’s most profitable for them). Your ebook is only available as kindle download – which I’ve never used, and don’t particularly WANT to use.

    Does anyone know whether kindle ebooks can be downloaded (so I don’t have to rely on amazon’s continued existence AND willingness to allow me access to my books) in a format that other ebook readers can use, too? Or is it too DRM-riddled for that to work?

    I want to support the author, but if I buy something I want to be able to use it too – It’s a matter of principle for me. So, hoping someone here can tell me if that’s BOTH possible before the 3-day time limit is up 😉

    • I’m going to publish on other platforms in the future, but for now I need maximum visibility in one place for a decent launch. What reader do you use? I have epub files in addition to mobi. I’ll send you the epub free if you promise to post a honest review on Amazon.com (preferably not Amazon.de, as it would be less visible there.) 🙂

      Just let me know what email address to send it to!

  2. I’ll edit your books for free, if you’d like. I have a great sense of English style and know how to use the rules of grammar while letting an author’s voice shine through. I’m poor and can’t buy your book though. I’m just saying, if you’re paying for editing, I can help with that.

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